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Service Calls

When you choose us, you can expect that your technician will always diagnose your problem and provide you with an estimate up front. 

You can decide at that point whether to go forward with the repair or not. 

If your product is still under manufacturer warranty or you have purchased an 5 - year extended warranty , oftentimes the repair cost is covered.

You can bring your appliance in for a in shop repair and we will take care of your appliance needs.  

We offer experienced technicians to look at all of your major appliance problems. 

Major appliances are the cornerstones of modern life. 

Without these trusty devices, people would be reduced to washing their clothes by hand and cooking meals over an open fire.

When it comes to repairing appliances, every device eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns. It doesn't make sense to fix a device that is likely to break down again in the near future or become technologically obsolete.

In shop service repair

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